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The firts running shoe by the brand Mizuno was made in Osaka  (Japan) and its creator was Rihachi Rizno Mizuno in the year 1906. The aim of the firm Mizuno was to improve the elite sports people's performance and increase the sports influence within the society of the age.

After several years of success in the baseball world, Mizuno manufactured their first golf shoes. As time goes by, it started in the running world. In the year 2000, it launched a technology which identifies the runner's type of footstep to be able to choose those which best fit to your foot.

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Nowadays, the brand Mizuno offers different technologies to maximise the runner's feelings and the shoes'properties. Among the main technologies to highlight, we can mention the Wave system to reduce the impact; the Smoothride technology to favour the footstep transition or Intercool to reduce the level of heat and, thereby, the dampness.

On Streetprorunning we offer a wide range of running shoes by the brand Mizuno for man at amazing discounts, offers and gifts with every purchase. You can find all the Mizuno models such as the Mizuno Wave Rider that provides a higher cushioning and stability, the Hitogami a competition running shoe, the Wave Enigma 6 that offers an amazing comfort and many more Mizuno high quality running shoes. The Japanese brand is one of the most well-known worldwide by its popular models.

The Mizuno sports shoes are perfect to practise sport with thanks to the infinity of technology that they include. Furthermore, all the products by this brand are made by the best materials to always offer the best feelings.

On StreetProRunning you will find the most suitable Mizuno running shoes for you, our customer service will provide you all the information you need and the best service  so you can make the perfect choice. Don't forget with your order you will get a running t-shirt as a gift. Start running with Mizuno and StreetProRunning.


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