Shipping and returns



We offer a GUARANTEE OF RETURN OF 14 NATURAL DAYS after your order delivery, refunding the price paid, 14 days after the reception and validation of the material, according to:

1. A product cannot be returned if it has been used.

2. Items must be new, unused and they should be kept in their original package and seals at the moment of the return.

3. In order to do some item return, material will be sent to our storehouse postage prepaid to the address below. No freight collect material will be picked up. Items return is a right regulated by the rules that you have as a customer, but the transportation costs of the return are on customer's charge.

4. Every return must be previously approved by a communication, sending an email to

Once items have been received, checked and we have verified them as new and without usage, we will arrange a corresponding refund according to: If you paid for the starting shipping costs and in case you have received the complete refund of your order, including gift where there would be, THE ORDER COST will be refunded, discounting the amount paid at that moment as SHIPPING COSTS. If you DID NOT pay for the starting shipping cost, and in case you have received the order refund, including gifts where there would be, order cost will be refunded except for 9.50€ as shipping cost..

5.3. In the case of having received a partial return of your order and following the same criteria pointed out above, the cost of the part considered as returned will be refunded after it has come to our storehouse, provided that the order total cost is not under the amount stablished when you placed your order (currently 100€).

6. 6. In case the refund has been accepted to be arranged, the total cost will be transfered in the bank account which you indicated in due date (14 days after having received your items).


The items return address, with prepaid postage is the following one:


Avenida Principal 29-30

Polígono Industrial Oeste

30169 San Gines - Murcia


VERY IMPORTANT: You must include inside the package a copy of the starting bill and point out the reference ID sent to your email once you asked for the return and the text "RETURN", both in the external and in the internal side of the package; in the case that your application was cancelled by the impossibility of identifying it. If it is well indicated, we will be able to recognise from where it comes and, thereby, we could do the papperwork to negotiate the required return as soon as possible, reducing , thereby, the waiting time during the process.

We are at your disposal to any enquiry and thank you so much for your patience.



• FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OUTSIDE SPAIN (including the United Kingdom)  and inside the European community. The orders may take between 2 and 5 working days, depending on the destination. Shipping costs are the same than in Spain, that is, 14,95€ for orders under 150€ and for free in order over 150€.

• FOR DELIVERY ON SATURDAYS, our Customer Service will calculate the shipping costs regarding the weight and volume.


Prices: All the prices that appear in the website include the 21% of VAT.




  • In case of ;complaint notify the sender to start the complaint process sending an email to
  • Streetprorunning will provide a complaint number known as LDI number, along with the address of your UPS office for complaints