The website responsible and owner (from now on ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L.), and also; acting as Person Responsible of Treatment and conservation of part of the data that may be collected by the domain STREETPRORUNNING.COM, associated with files legally registered in the AGPD (Spanish Agency of Data Privacy), in compliance with the disposed in the Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, of Data Privacy and Personal Character, wants to inform the user that all the personal character data that s/he provides through determined spaces and/or web forms will be added to files, created and maintained under the owner's and/or Website Person Responsible's responsibility (for the people who require information or decide to subscribe to determined events, services, etc.). Those spaces and/or forms will count with the correspondent legal informative clause, where the Person or People Responsible of Data is/are explicit, in addition to purpose or purposes and the protocol for the exercise of rights.


2.1 The personal character data, collected in this Website, will be used with the purpose of attending to and managing:

a) Entry process and/or (to place an item order).

b) Information requests.

c) Perform administrative tasks.

d) With general character, for the contact, the advertising, commercial and promotional data.

2.2 This acceptance will always have a revocable character (opposition to the treatment purpose). The Website Data Person Responsible will be able to put the most simple and free mechanisms to that effect, in his/her communications (emails or bulletins).

2.2  Data cession to third parties

Determine that by filling the forms disposed in this Website and proceeding to accept the policy privacy and clicking “send”, you will be giving the permission for the data treatment according to the point 2.1, as well as for the data cession (contact/email) to third parties (participative or collaborator societies) with which ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L. has got any colaboration, promotion or commercial agreements.


El The Website Data Person Responsible guarantees the confidenciality and security of those personal character data when these are treatment objects, to the extent that s/he has implemented politics for the treatment and the security measures in accordance with the disposed in the article 9 LOPD. The politics and security measures implemented by the Personal Responsible and the Website owner oriented to avoid the alteration, loss or not authorised usage of a personal character.

It is granted the data confidenciality referred to the users'consults or register processeses, both on the File Person Responsible's part and those entities that take part in accordance with the purpose and the object of it.If the user did not consent the usage of his/her data, the enquiries and forms could not be carried out. Therefore, the usage of the data will be determined for the only purpose or purposes derived from the enquiry/form and other ones which are explicit in the present website.

With the captation of personal data is only pretended to make possible a fluency and agility in the relations/communications between the File Person Responsible and the customers/web users, as well as in the enquiry or requerement of the same.


The user will be able,at all times, to exercise his/her rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) recognised by the above mentioned law, making the communication pertinent by means of a writing or communication via email, by sending a mail to the following address info.uk@streetprorunning.com

4.1 Interlocution Unit ARCO: The Website Person Responsible (streetprorunning.com) has designed the Interlocution Unit ARCO for the user and a third one who is integrated in the files enrolled by ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L. that can relate through this website, with the aim of easing that exercise: 

Procedure: Send a postal letter, attaching a copy of your ID card, to the address referenced for the attention of the ARCO Rights established in Polígono Industrial Oeste, Calle Venezuela, Parcela 1 – 17, 30820, Alcantarilla, Murcia. . As an alternative method, you could send this information by email info.uk@streetprorunning.com,  scanning your ID card, attaching them as attached files in the email el correo. 

To exercise your opposition right for your data treatment with commercial aims, it is enough with sending a mail to info.uk@streetprorunning.com, determining in the subject “Quit” and the email object of the exercise. 

* Please, if the relationship was established by email, give us the email with which you contacted us or you registered to accelerate your request ( utilization of this field as search criterion).

* With the object of giving the maximum scope of the established Organic Law 15/1999 and to ease the rights exercise, ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L., makes available a form for that effect.

[1 Download Form]

4.2 Quit policy in bulletins associated with the Website property of ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L.

1. Facing a process of register or subscription, you gives your consent to the data treatment with advertising, commercial or informative aims.

2. ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L. has different bulletins established and segmented functioning:

  • The Website (to which the user enters)
  • The items (that can be of the users' interest)
  • Location of users (country, district, etc.)

3. In accordance with the established in the point 2, this point wants to approach that the “quit procedures” that a user can execute in each bulletin will be associated with each and every one of them and not in a combine way. Derived from a user that can be interested in some items and not in others, as well as having performing different procedures of subscriptions, according to the webside,

In addition, from this point of view the manage of the bulletins is made in a differenced way, according to the referenced criteria in the point 2 of this point.

4. In the case of proceeding to the="text-decoration: underline;">quit of the set of bulletins from the different websites, send us an email to info.uk@streetprorunning.com, saying in the subject “Quit of all the bulletins”

5. The "Cookies" Usage and the Navigation Analysis of the Website

ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L. we worry about your data privacy, and that is why we grant the biggest area of your confidenciality treatment.

This Website has elaborated a Cookies Policy for that effect. Remember that you will be able to refuse the data and information treatment, refusing the cookies usage by the selection of the proper configuration for your browser. However, you must know that if you do that you may not use the whole functionality of this Website.

To enlarge the information, go to cookies policy established in this Website (en la pop-up informativa)

6.- Responsibility Delimitation

The responsibility in the data treatment during the management of the later usage of data collected in this Website are responsibility of the Owner and the Person Responsible o this Website (determined in the legal warning).

7.- IP address treatment

The Website servers will detect authomatically the IP address and the domain name used by the user. An IP address is a number authomatically assigned to a computer when it is connected to internet. All the information is registered in activity files of the duly enrolled server (denominated as Customers and Users) that allows the later processing of data with the aim of obtaining only statistics measures that allow to know the number of impressions in the pages, the number of visits performed to the seb services and the visit order or the access point,etc.

8.- Security

8.1 The Website uses security tecnics of the information, generally industry, such as firewalls, procedures of access control and criptographic mechanisms, all that with the objective of avoiding the not authorised access to data by third parties. In order to achieve these aims, the user/customer accepts that the provider obtains data for effects of the corresponding authentication of access controls.

8.2 Inform that the purchase process is made through payment IP which guarantee a safe environment for the customer.

 9.- Consulting Accreditation – Legal Consultancy

This privacy policy has been made and elaborated by qualitydata.eu (Legal Consultancy and Consultancy in New Technologies Laws), in accordance with the disposed in the new technologies laws, derived from the European leadership, developed in the policy framework of the Spanish State (LOPD and LSSICE )


ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L. has achieved the certificate of QUALITY DATA in the data treatment in accordance with the established in the Organic Law of Data Protection 15/1999 by having obeyed the quility standards established by QUALITY DATA LOPD. Published in their Website qualitydata.eu

ALL SPORT EUROPE S.L., has performed the following actions:

  • It entries the Spanish Agency of Data Protection files.
  • Updating of files collecting the organizative changes
  • Elaboration of the denominated Security Document;.
  • It has set up an Incidents Register.
  • It has designed a Security Responsible Person to guarantee the supervision and the monitoring of the policy established for that effect.
  • It does actions of maintainance through the procedure and application allocated for that effect
  • Control Forms.
  • Formative Course to the Security Responsible Person.
  • It has disposed the informative clauses in the supports where the personal character information is collected.
  • It has disposed a form and a procedure for the exercise of the rights ARCO.
  • It has established a periodic check procedure in the website to review and update the associated texts:
    • The Legal Warning
    • The Terms and Condition of Selling or Hiring
    • The Privacy Policy
    • Cookies Policy

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