Frequent Questions

First of all, in order to be more confident, we inform our customers that our website is a property of All Sport Europe S.L - CIF: B73902660.

How much is the shipping cost?
How long does my order take to arrive?
I've place my order some minutes ago and now what?
How do the payment methods work?
How can I know my order state?/strong>
How can I know what my order number is?
Do the website prices include the V.A.T?
Can I place muy order by phone?
If the item I ordered is sold out, what happens?
What kind of guarantee do the products have?
Do you ship to Portugal?
Do you do discounts to the products?
What is your bank account number to do the transfer?
What are your Customer Service Hours?

How much is the shipping cost?

SPAIN If your shopping cart exceeds 49€ = Shipping costs: free
If your shopping car does not exceed 49 € = Shipping costs: 2.95€
If your order is to Baleares = Shipping costs 2.95€ (and FREE for more than 90€) (It allows to select cash on delivery
If your order is to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla = Shipping costs 20,75€ (Included papperwordk DUA of Export) (Cash on delivery is not available)
If you select cash on delivery= increase of 3% + Shipping costs
For International Deliveries, the shipping costs will be calculated according to the package weight and size

Detailed information about the shipping here;


How long does my order take to arrive?

If your order is available on stock in its totality and the payment method is credit card or cash on delivery, it will take between 24-48 labour hours to arrive in the peninsula. If the shipping is to the Canary Island, Ceuta or Melilla it may take between 7 and 10 days and it will be sent by Correos.

If your order is out of stock, it could take between 3 and 7 days to be sent. In addition, between 24 to 48 labour hours since we inform you it was shipped.

If your payment method is a bank transfer before starting any process of papperwork, we will wait until our department of accounts infomrs us that the transfer has been carried out with the order number, moment in which we review the stock products and we will inform of the starting of your order papperwork. (The bank transfers are reflected between 24 and 56 hours).

If your order is out of stock and we verify that to get the forementioned product is a superior time charge of 7 labour days, inmediately we will call you to offer a solution or to see if you agree to wait the time that our material distributors indicate.


I've carried out the order some minutes ago; What happens now?

Since the moment in which we see the order entry being a labour timetable, the first thing we do is to verify the payment method:

Credit Card;= we start inmediately to papperwork your order.
Cash on Delivery= We start inmediately to papperwork your order.
Bank transfer or income = We wait until we have your money in our account before starting any papperwork process (it avoids the false orders).

Once we are processing the order we will checked that we have the products of your order in stock, if it is not, we ask our distributor o we will call you to give you a solution in case that the renovation process is too slow.

Once we have all our products, your order will be packaged and will enter the shipping line which is open from Monday to Friday from 10h to 18h, at 19h on Monday to Friday Nacex (The transpor enterprises that carries out the majority of our shippings) will send to the platform every package for its startaing route.

How do the payment methods work?

Credit Card: if you select this payment method, just before of finishing your order a safe payment IP will be sent from our website HTTPS La Caixa where the needed data are required to carry out the payment with credit or debit card, if everything is OK, you will be back at out website where we will inform you that your order has been succesfully completed.

Cash on Delivery: a simple and trustworthy payment method for you, when placing an order with this payment method, as soon as you finish your order the papperwork process will be started and when it arrives home the shipper will require the order price.

Bank Transfer: when performing a purchase with this payment method,you, at the end of the purchase procedure, will be informed of the bank account number and the information to do an income or a transfer to our favour indicating the concept of it, the order number and, once we checked the income in our account, your order will start papperworking by our logistics department

No matter what type of payment method is, if the order has been succesfully carried out, the information of it will be sent to the email that you pointed out when you logged in, if you do not receive immediately the email after doing the order, review in the SPAM inbox of your email account, if it is not there, contact us via email, phone or chat.

How can I see my order state?

You can enter in su Personal account inside our website to see the information, revising your email every time your order state changes the system sends you an email authomatically with the notification, you can also consult us the state indicating the order number by means of some of our payment methods.

¿How can I know what is my order number?

you can know it in your account looking at su purchase history, In addition, the forementioned information is sent by email when the purchase is carried out in the website, if you do not find the number, contact us to verify with your personal data what that number is .

Do the website prices include the VAT?

Effectively, all the prices that appear on the website have already the VAT included ; you always know how much the product will cost.

Can I place orders by phone?

You can place order by calling our telephone;663 51 99 15 or text us by Whatsapp on 674 30 66 30, we will require your information and we will send you the order with cash on delivery payment method free of charge if your order is over 49€

What happens if the product is out of stock?

We will contact you to inform about it as soon as possible and look for a solution in which you take advantage of it.

What kind of guarantee do your products have?

All our products have a guarantee of 2 years. If you want more information, you can visit our Shipping and Returns section.

Do you ship to Portugal?

Yes, we do. In this moment we are accepting shippings to Portugal, with the same conditions than in Spain, the orders may take longer to this destination. .

Do you do discounts to the products?

Yes, we do;,we can do discounts to products studying your case and our stock, once the order is approved the discount that we will send you a discount code that you could apply starting the process of purchase the product and writing the sent code in the discount code section; in the selection section of the payment method in the purchase process of the item.

What is your account number to do the transfer?

You can do the transfer or an income with the following information:

Bank: La Caixa
Account: ES26 2100 7838 6702 0003 3989 

What is your Customer Service hours?


Our Customer Service Hours are from Monday to Saturday from 09:00 - 20:00